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sulaiman – Like Cinnamon

I was on Soundcloud listening to a song that I was going to review, the song and artist will remain anonymous.  The song I was listening to ended and it went in to the track below. Usually, I just rewind back to the track I was going to review but the eerie repetitive keys in this song made me not rewind and listen. As soon as the drum drops and bass kicks in it’s impossible turn away.  The head bop was nostalgic, I had forgotten hip hop could make your head bop like this.  The artist’s name is Suliaman and it’s crazy cause Suli is from Chicago but lives in Cali.  I knew he rapped but didn’t know he produced, seems like he’s dope at both  “Where we from they squeeze guns like capri suns”  yup he’s from the crib.  Press play and check out that nod factor


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