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Supa bwe – thot goddess (sailer moon) video directed by lonewolf

Supa Bwe unleashes a new visual for Thot Goddess, a song off his Finally Dead album.  He partners with upcoming and buzzing director Lonewolf for the treatment.  Opening scene, catch Supa in a room full of mannequins explaining to the viewer his promises, the things he would do and show his Thot Goddess if she where with him.  But the scene quickly changes to Supa in a straitjacket, my assumption here is that his Thot Goddess is making him crazy. Then it cuts into a dark room full of red lights, this possibly signifies the memories created by supa and his Thot Goddess are unstable at best.  Now wether my interpretations are accurate or not it doesn’t change the fact that the visuals for this song are supa dope and the editing/animation is supa on point.  So, do yourself a favor press play and enjoy.


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