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The homie Adam Sofa got together with Nike Sportswear to create this Yeezy inspired AF1. Of course
I want a pair but this joint is exclusive to all exclusive limited editions. lol. 1 of 1. Peep details at the jump off.

from Nike Sportswear Blog:

AF1 MX iD Designed by Adam Sofa

We recently had the pleasure of working with Adam Sofa here at 21 Mercer. Adam hails from the city Aurora, Il, for those that remember Wayne’s World. Not being able to make it out to the store to design a pair of shoes Adam gave us a shout and explained his situation and expressed his love for sneaker’s and his passion for the Air Force 1. Needless to say a few days later we were able to hook-up an iChat session with Adam and here is the result. An Air Force 1 MX iD inspired by this year’s earlier release of the Air Yeezy. The Yeezy being Adam’s favorie shoe, and growing up in Chicago it was a sure fit for his inspiration in designing this shoe. The result is one of the cleanest AF1’s to come off of the current pallet. Not letting his limb girdle muscular distrophy slow him down, Adam is always on the hunt for kicks, and his passion runs deep. We want to thank Adam for sharing his story with us and inspiring the team over here. Keep on man… Check out some more pics below.





Adam during his iChat session bringing his design to life…reppin’! on his Jughead shit! word.

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