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MANNYxBEASY_MHSLATEBOOTHMagic Fall 09 was great. Compared to last Feb, alot was crackin! Along w Project, Pool, & Capsule,
there were alotta cats there, errrone was smiling and hopefully this means that shit will turnaround
and the recession will be in a . . .well. . . a recession. haha. . . Always good too see our reps, who have
become friends and good to kick it w/ them. Here’s to 2010 and hopefully we can all get back on track
and GET THAT DOE!!! I’ve documented this trip of business and pleasure it was a def GOOD TIMES!
Peep flicks at the jump off, to see what we got into. Word to Wayne Newton.











LVMAGIC_S1_10this was pretty much the crew: avengers of good times. . .haha, shit was fun fam! thanks!

The Magic Parties we’re the shit! VIP at the MOBxStussy Party “wadnt” to shabby neither.

VEGAS_NITES_1this was what we saw evrytime we came back from an outing. feels like home. lol

VEGAS_NITES_2This is Mr. Roberto Salazar, ext. fam of Jugrnaut and 5 and a Dime.

VEGAS_NITES_BE_1This is how crackin it was. Body English in Hard Rock (veiw from VIP woohoo)


VEGAS_NITES_XS_1the day after we went to XS at the Wynn. . . shit was doooope.


VEGAS_NITES_XS_3that person right there was Rob Dyrdek and the the females. . . Playboy Bunnies!

VEGAS_NITES_XS_4i got to kick it w/ the STA x KICKS/HI FAM . . .good to see home, there.

VEGAS_NITES_XS_5we all wasted hahah, the super homies Big Larry and SeanA. WHUDDUP DOE!?

VEGAS_NITES_XS_6end of the night.

VEGAS_NITES_EC_1went to eyecandy to my DJ DDOUBLES nite. DJ Poun (Just Blazes Brother wasw spinnin’) this guy thought he was MJ!

more flicks to come. . .

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