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Mishka 2008 Summer… Cut&Sew

Our homies over at Mishka are known for their controversial pieces and even risky lookbooks for what they have cooking up over there, Well this summer i think they are really coming hard with real quality pieces. Not trying to do too much with there concepts, just simplicity.

I feel like many labels now of days try to do too much when they should just be simple. Mishka’s lookbook is ill, using women rocking the mens collection was a dope idea i think.The title for this summers collection is called “A Summer In Abandon”. Releasing several new fitteds, cargo shorts, flannels, and what seems to be colored cargo shorts is a nice look for your summer nights just kicking it. Don’t be alarmed by some of the pictures that they have taken for the photo shoot; as i just said they are controversial. Mishka Enjoy

“It Was Written”


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