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Ashydakid’s Daily Dose… This It What!!!


Today’s joint is a very, very, very, and let me say again very under rated joint, it’s Camp Lo’s Luchini. As you guys already know i am a sucker for sick instrumental samples and thats exactly whats happening on this joint. I am not too sure who made this beat but whoever did got off. Smooth verses from both of the members from Camp-Lo. It’s got a little Chicago “stepping” feel to it, you got to love it. So once again its Camp-Lo with Luchini. Enjoy

“I Was Written”


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  1. shazam bangles

    Ski produced this classic…formerly of Original Flavor…did nice work with this sample

  2. jugrnautchicago

    yep ski did dead presidents also another dope sample

  3. Mike B.

    One of my favorite songs eva

  4. Luchini pouring from the sky, lets get rich, WHAT!

  5. Pissymattress

    i too enjoy sick or dope instumental samples

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