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GTFOH!!! Marty McFly x Nike Hyper Dunk

SON! I waaants it!!! Prolly as close to the Holy Grail as you can get! This will prolly blow out as far as non-retro NIKE’S. Whut do ya’ll think? As far as Mixing the old with new tech, style wise I’m hella feelin’ these. Fuck it the fact that it’s a BTTFII Homage will overshadow the fact that it’s a kobe shoe. . to me anyways. . .word

B. Easy 93

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  1. jugrnautchicago

    most def cop from me hyper dunks

  2. put mine on reserve now!

  3. ShortyBang

    Def not as good as the original…..nothin will b the like the Marty Mcflys but def a good shoe…..Had a nike rep at my job meeting today…says its the best basketball shoes she’s played in ….has these plates on the sides of the insole that keeps from overpronating…and very good cushioning…nice size air cushion in forefoot and heel also……and only ranging at like 110 from what she said…..good pick up!!

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