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Have you ever wanted to get a girls attention by sending her music, or by sending her your favorite song? ahaha  Well if you ever have, I did a mix that has some pretty cool songs on it, lol.  So if your digging the mix and feel like sending it to your FAVORITE girl or guy, please send them this mix!!! lol.  If you hate it or like it leave a comment and let me know, sound cloud, hulkshare, and were being bogus, so I had to post on zippy share, you can stream it or download it from here if you want, or you can just go to mediafire, link is below.  Peep the art work!! Links after the jump.




If you can use the mediafire link that should be best quality .



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  1. snowman

    what is the name of the song where it goes all i want is top top top

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