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jack, jack, jack ya body!


Since we’re a bunch of house heads at the shop and being from Chi and I haven’t seen a house video on the blog I thought we needed a little bit of house to get the place moving. though the elk grove building in the 5:47 mark raises an eye brow.  Bonus! a pic from batman movie not the 08 one at 2:47.  Here’s a fact for the day the building at 7:00 is the only building that is built past lakes shore drive

Heres the Tracklisting

1.Thanks 4 The Trax U Lost-House Master Boyz
2.Elektric Dance-Jungle Crew Jungle Jorge
3.Thank Ya-Sweet D
4.Ride The Rhythm-Marshall Jefferson
5.Heat It Up-Wee Papa Girl Rappers
6.Magic Feet-Mike Dunn
7.In-Ten-Si-T-Mickey Oliver
8.Acid Thunder-Fast Eddie
9.Stand By Me-Julian”Jumpin”Perez&Valentino
10.Music Takes You Away-Bass Boyz
11.When You Hold Me-Master C&J
12.Keep It Movin’-White Knight
13.In The Night-Ralphi Rosario
14.Hip House Is The Style-Tyree
15.House Sensation-Liaz

-The Homeboy Andres

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