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We've been Bootlegged?!!!

Does being Bootlegged make you official? I don’t know..let us know what you think.. or is it an official bootleg if it was actually done by NEW ERA? that’s what happened, lil dudes over at Myshirts Co. ordered through their rep a dodgers colorway Jugrnaut hat, but they spelled it Juggernaut. We had no idea this was going on. It’s unmistakable that’s our logo, so what happened? We are currently trying to figure this one out. but yea we’ve been bootlegged, U think?

This is what we found when we visited the Strictly fitteds website. Check the link: Strictly Fitteds

Manny and Roger

The folks over at MY SHIRTS CO. brings you new and fresh NEW ERA fitted caps to you this week with a set of lucky number seven. The NJ Nets cap is presented in the official team colors of Royal Blue, Red and White. Following up is a White Sox (WINGSOCK) fitted cap in Black and Red to go with most of your Jordans. The sleeper in this set is the Juggernaut Shield in the Dodgers’ colorway. The Boston Braves cap is presented in the original Olympic colors with a shiny Metallic Gold visor with hints of subtlty in Red. The Lakers makes a comeback in Neon ‘95 colors and a LA Kings fitted cap was made to match the Concord Six Rings. Closing the show is the Red Wings cap is the original team colors, which is always classic.

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  1. e

    Haha! Congrats!

    That means you guys are officially the shit.

    Now people can wear a bootlegged Jugrnaut hat with their bootlegged Jordans.. or the ladies can rock em with their bootlegged Chanel purses/earrings and Louis Vuittion bags ;D

    You know what they say.. imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

  2. Thats crazy bro

  3. andres

    first jays, af1s, dunks ,bape then bbc now you guys damn homie y’all doin it big!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  4. Mike B

    Whoa! Thats Nuts!

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