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YO, This is what’s going on in front of the store right now. For those of ya’ll that don’t know,

we are right next door to the Alderman. These cats are for the Wal-Mart opening up ’cause it will

open up more jobs and possibly cool out the violence that’s been happening in the South Side.

If Wal-Mart opens, yes it will open jobs. But small businesses will suffer.

What do ya’ll think?



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  1. the chuckster

    For those who support WalMart, or those who just don’t know, go watch the documentary “WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price” or any other WalMart documentary and watch how they kill off American businesses left and right. They offer new jobs, true, but not nearly as many as they take away. Crooks in their super-sized, price-cutting castles. Get familiar!

  2. Yuko

    I refuse to support them. They suck the life out of small business and force them to go out of business, and it doesn’t even stop there. They screw their employees from health care benefits to wages. They are like the freakin DEVIL. Doesn’t small business represent what the true meaning of the “American Dream” is all about?

  3. mr. rogers

    since we own a business, i say fuck wal mart….but i dig when unemployed individuals see is at a good thing…all they see is a “job” for potentially them. people rarely stop to think of all the other shit that could go wrong or that has gone wrong in the past with other openings. iunno, touchy issue. well see how it plays out.

  4. walmart is NOT whats up. yes indeed, jobs will be created but even that won’t stop the violence. it starts with educating these cats out here who don’t value life. jobs don’t necessarily me peace and love either. anyways, i hope for y’alls sake that they don’t open up.

  5. Too Cool

    How many of the previous posters LIVE on the south side? We don’t really have small businesses except for liquor stores, fast food, and the little odd boutique here or there. If we want groceries we either have to pay an arm and a leg at Jewel, get substandard products at Save A Lot, or go give our money to the various middle eastern proprietors who won’t hire us and but trat us like $h!+… The south side needs JOBS and FOOD… if you aren’t giving it to us and Wal Mart will then what do you expect… I’ve read the articles and I’ve seen the documentaries but what I keep missing are the OPTIONS… sell me some expensive staples or hire my peeps OR STFU!!!

  6. this is old, but although walmart may offer people jobs, there is alot of negative consequences people don’t take into consideration, such as the poor treatment of workers, and effects on local individual businesses. another thing is that I don’t support modern “imperialism” as a product of capitalism, and they surely practice this by sticking their hands into poor countries and squeezing the life out of their workforces.

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