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The Breakfast Club dropped through the shop and showed some of their rap skills….peep the video

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  1. Sarth


    Lets gooo.. lol

  2. YC

    Yes my mans Manny held it down for the BC!

  3. U.G.

    Dopeeeee Big Ups Manny!!!!!

  4. Lano

    They Flowing!

  5. GO hater

    yo this shit is wack as fuck! the fool kids.

  6. Kembe

    this is decent… but I’m looking at Emil and Calez in public, and you seem like you’re biting the Cool Kids in so hard.

  7. Mike

    Idk wat “go haters” talkin about but deez kids pretty good atleast they dont spittin like soulja boy or flocka

  8. Jay

    These cats goin in. Good shit i look forward to hearin more

  9. Fonz-E Mak

    yo much love to Manny, good lookin on the vid

  10. ryan T

    good shit to these fools for makin the blog kudos BC

  11. ASTRO

    Man they go hard!!!

  12. Good L@@K,
    Super Holla at Manny Muscles do ya’ Thang Pimpy…
    Much LuV to JUGRNAUT “GET at EM 2 upgrade UR Gear”
    ‘BReaKFasT CLuB’ mad Respect and Homage 2 those N Da game who helped paved the way!!!
    2008ighties™ YC, FONZ MAK, J ROCKETEER, U.G.
    For more info and bookings contact 877-863-4689
    2 the Fans Thank You and Hip-Hop is a Universal LifeStyle

  13. Anthony

    Yall was mad dope big ups to thee breakfast club and thier record label 2008ighties.

  14. MR. robot

    good shit..and i didnt kno ug african ass had flow like that…yall did yall thing

  15. Malana

    dope =) yay go fonz mak..calez…UG and j rocketeer

  16. B Blount

    Dope business… keep doing ya’ll thang and the future will be ya’ll present in no time, IT’S SHOW TIME!

  17. SHAI-motherfucking-ANN

    JHEEEEEE!!!!!!! Good Shit!!!

  18. kirbykirb

    this is dope,yall doin big things an goin big placessss

  19. London


  20. Sakaari

    Good shxt boys! I fxcks wit yall! Very, very dope! Keep it up!! =]

  21. DEzzy POOhh aka lady thickness ;)

    >>>OKay .. i see yall !! 2OO8ightes Baby !!!<<<>>it makes sense<<< what the fuckk more can u ask for??? …yall got this !! keep dewin it big…ppll gone alwayz try to pull that cool kids shit out on yall ..only cuz thats all they can say …instead of there simple minded asses thinking of it as a cadegorey type shyttt ..but heyyy thats just how i see it…yall dewin it Humongooo!!!! keep it up …Toddlezz Mwahhh!!! 🙂

  22. Zennie

    that was hott.! =] fonz-e mak bby

  23. daphne

    that was good. excpet the weird music in the back round and the fat guy jumpin in and walkin across. oh and i liked the one guy Yc sorry Fonz lol. (:

  24. Elijahbin laden

    MYYYY NIGGGAS…yall niggas went in..this a good ass look

  25. vonny


  26. BreakFast Club Tryin 2 take over i see ya boi

  27. DT

    Jug should keep a series going wit Breakfast Club spittin. it was dope!

  28. Ashley Hood


  29. Bola

    Good Look Yall!! Keep doin wat yalldo…yall gne make it!!! ♥

  30. Rach'a-Roll'a

    Ahhhhhh …….. Eeeeeeeeee! Fonz — YC —-U.g. — J-Rocketeer! Niccceee.

  31. Katrina-Lynn

    Lets get it Fonz :)……straight goin hard

  32. bri

    my bff calez def. got off & emil was decent lol naw j/p everybody went hard.

  33. Amy

    DANG! Dat was hotter than pancakes n scrambled eggs on a burning skillet! Lol Yal did it Breakfast Club!

  34. che che

    i love

  35. khallee

    good stuff fooley

  36. Spice

    aye gud shit yall keep dat shit up yall gne make it

  37. Chad

    Theses guys are pretty rad.good going bros. catch you on the surf side Ya broski Chad (sani)

  38. gooseman

    damn everybody killed it

  39. RenRetro

    my nigga u.g
    I can Dig it d[-_-]b

  40. RenRetro

    I 4got my Main man Rueben

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