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Thank you to everyone that came out to our 4year celebration…we headed back to the store after the party to pop some Moet Rose bottles that the lil bro bro hooked us up with! We are on to our 5th year, thanks to everyone who supports and lets look forward to a million more years!!!!  I wanted someone to design something nice to post, but alas we are all to busy here….the team is small but its strong we appreciate everyone that has helped us on our journey.  S/O  Sofa and his team – Peanut  –  Cornelious and Fly Kite – Tino of Aykid Shots –  all the Midnight Rockers – Zack of YM – Ruby Hornet – and to keep it cliche shout out to all our haters, you fuel our blah blah blah….lol  For real though to everyone that has supported or helpled through out the years………….THANK YOU!!! This dranks for you!  (sorry if I forgot to mention you, i am currently blazed and tried my best…lol ) (pics are from Manny’s instagram)

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