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OK ya’ll. . .just a moment of venting. I am so sick and tired of the word “SWAGGER”, it’s the most played out word since the word “BLING” matter fact swagger is the new bling. Not only is it overthrown and overused, it’s also became an excuse for things i.e. “yo why is LIl Wayne so dope?” “He got SWAGGER. . .”
“Son, Why you rocking this scarf in 95 degree weather?””It’s my swag!””Dude why are your pants so tight?””I Got SWAGGER!””Dude why are your pants so baggy?” “It’s my SWAGGER!!!” AHHHHHHHHHH. . .lol. . .enough already. . .everything in moderation, but me personally am done with that word. . .IT’S A WRAP for B. EASY yes indeed!!! i don;t know any word that’ll replace that for now, but i’d rather hear “STEEELO” or some cornball shit before the word swagger. . .i’m not hating, i’m just saying. . .what are ya’ll toughts. This post was inspired by a conversation i had with a customer. . . .

B. Easy 93

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  1. man brian, you know you love that red leather vest swag… I agree, not only is it the overuse but the ignorant use of it.

  2. jugrnautchicago

    u aint got no swag son, got all the swagg…hehe

  3. jugrnautchicago

    boycott swagger

  4. Pissymattress

    swag=played out<<<<<<WORD

  5. DEFinitions

    a little edutainment lesson

    Swagger To walk with a swaying motion; hence, to walk and act in a pompous, consequential manner.

    To boast or brag noisily; to be ostentatiously proud or vainglorious; to bluster; to bully.

    Thus acting like a fool and looking like you just hopped out a Hurricane Chris or Shawty Lo video does not mean you have swagger. Talkin shit like you got dough and takin pictures with all your mom’s tax return money isn’t what’s good. And as Kanye put it lookin like you either just got out or are goin back to jail isnt a good look either. I got nothing for respect for a cocky individual but to have some swagger you gotta stand out somehow. So if you’re takin pictures with dumbass sunglasses on at night with a 5 XL shirt that dont fit and some fake Jordans, Ones, or Bapes you qualify as the next definition…

    Lame poor, weak, unconvincing, ineffectual, etc. a lame excuse

    a person who is conventional, conservative, old-fashioned, etc.; square

    food for though… now eat

    Bill Gates don’t dangle diamonds in the face
    of peasants when he Microsoft’n in the place
    You gettin on my nerves, well I’m gettin on your case
    Consider your surroundings or you leave without a trace
    – Andre

    my thoughts on the word swagger about 3 months back

  6. hidden agenda

    these clown jokesters pose for poser posters

  7. ShortyBang

    I say tell these chicks….Get ur Aura up..u need that glow when u walk in the room!!!! Boycott Swagg……Aura all day!!!

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