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Souls of Mischief from 1993!!!!

Well heres one more for everyone. Souls of Mischief from 93, of the album 93 til infinity. These cats were so fresh oohh and they could gear back then… i remember when the the joint 93 til dropped, i used to drive a blue hundai excel, with a 12″ subwoofer in the back…hehe the sub was in a box but the box was cut in half casue i only had one woofer, but i digress. i just remember recording this song 3 times in a row on cassette, yes kiddies cassette. i did that so i didnt have to rewind the track, i could cruise for about 12min without rewinding…hehe


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  1. LOL…..i did that wit Doggystyle and Cypress Hill’s “Black Sunday.”

    I kept all my top spots on cd and cassette. (my friend’s whip didn’t have a radio so we lugged around a boombox).

    Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

  2. chucks

    this is how we chill
    from 93 til..

    WHAT UP ROG?! I been sleepin on coming by the store, been in and outta town now that I’m employed!! YOU DIG?! I’ma try and swing by this weekend, scoop me some gear boyyyyy



  3. jugrnautchicago

    hehe, hell yea mr. jillz always had to record the jawns more than once, i mean some cassette decks had the auto rewind where u can rewind 1 track at a time. but not me i had to rewind then stop to see where it was, i hated that shit…hehe so we had to record the joints multiple times…

    ahh mr. chucks whats the word homie….whassup with the vid g? yea come by lil dude u now where were at. easy homies

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