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“Scott Pilgram Vs The World is the comic-book based film about a young man who falls in love with a new girl. In order to win her love and be her new boyfriend, he must defeat her seven deadly ex boyfriends, all of which have different super powers. Movie star Mike Cera of ” Superbad” and “Nick and Noras Infinite Playlist” as Scott Pilgrim. The Movie debuts in theaters nationally on August 13.
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The movie has an accompanied soundtrack which we are behind as well and the listening event is simply meant to inform fans of this demographic that its out. The listening event would be on Friday 8/13/2010 from 7pm-8pm. During the listening party we will play the album while handing out gifts including T-shirts, gift-bags and CD’s. Refreshments will also be provided during the listening event as a courtesy to all patrons and guests in attendance.”

So come on by people!!! Support.

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