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Yo, So I posted Solo’s teaser vid the other day without any info, mostly due to crazy schedules, but I just got up with the big homie Solo Rm,
a Chicago based illustrator/graff writer/all around dope dude, and we talked a little bit about what he’s doing
and what the hell that video was that I had posted.

B.Easy: ayooooo!?

Solo: Sup.

B: I posted the teaser the other day, which came out dope btw, but I didn’t post any details about it. I know what this vid is all about but for those you have guessing, why don’t you spill the beans?

S: Thanks B. On the Daily is going to be a weekly online comic strip. The comic revolves around the lives of four friends (and eventually a full cast of characters) and their ongoing quest to cop freshness: whether it’s a new pair of kicks, a limited-edition fitted cap, the latest smart phone or whatever. Just like you, me and other peeps do.

B: Dope! The teaser shows a lot of kicks though is that the main focus?

S: Yeah, for the most part. It’s made to branch out into other things sneaker-heads might be into like fitteds and what not.

B: Where does it take place?

S: All the stories will take place here in Chicago. The characters live, work and play in the Windy City, so you’ll see them hanging at say Niketown, or the Adidas store or having a late snack at the Wiener Circle.

B: How did this come about?

S: I always wanted to do a weekly comic revolving around day-to-day things that I myself and my friends are into and I love comic books so it kind of evolved naturally. I know plenty of people who collect, customize or just love sneakers and that lifestyle and I think there’s a ton of cool stories out there that can be told through an online comic format.

B: Are you writing the comic also?

S: I will be writing most of the first stories and will have guest writers (and artists) but I hope to eventually have fans send in their own personal stories for consideration to be made into a OTD comic.

B: Like a contest of sorts?

S: Yeah, I want this to be all about this city I love so what better way to get that feel than to have the people of this city contribute somehow? I think it’ll be fun. I already have a few submissions and some of these stories are a trip. As I read them I think to myself “This actually happened.” (laughs).

B: Cool, anything else you’d like to say?

S: Stay tuned! And I want thank everyone who’s helped some how on this so far, from you and the JGRNT fam, to the main man STIZO -for doing a great job in putting the teaser together. Thanks!

word up ya’ll so stay tuned to what Solo has instore w/ this comic.. if you knew what i knew you would know it will be pretty huge. (ALL KING KONG). . .
word to the diamond tiffany sb’s.

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  1. thehomeboy andres

    dope read cant wait to see it

  2. Koebot

    Sounds hot! Can’t wait. Showing the Windy City love in a new, creative way.

  3. oso fresh

    yo is that store front burdeen shoes in pilsen???

  4. T-Touchy

    I want that poster in teh window.

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