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“. . .IF IT AIN’T JUGRNAUT. . .”

daveXropesXjgrnt_1“. . . THAN A ^!&&@ CAN’T ROCK IT. . .”

So I am going thru this disc of Dave, flicks shot by the Big Homie Roper, trying to get some art for him
and I come across this series of flicks. Dave “ISpitRaw” Coresh, posing w/ almost all the joints we flowed
out to him. It was dope seeing the abundance of jawns we came out with, which pretty much sells out,
all in one environment.I don’t even have everything that we put out. Matt Boy White has almost all our new era’s.
It kinda gave me an idea to just start an archive of everything we came up with. eh, i’m lazy.

Word to
wack rappers over cold ass beats so cold rappers can snatch them and
make the track much iller.


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  1. Jesus Juice

    I need that camo tee in med, still at shop?

  2. orka

    Random, but Dave kind of looks like Penny Hardaway in his young days lol.

  3. Artie Mcfly

    We only got a large camo left

  4. Matt Boy White

    Man …. Now I am in the position to super swag out on my brother Dave …. “If It Ain’t Jugrnaut Pt II” SOON !

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