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New Music: Psymun – WEAKLING

What do you think of when you think of Minnesota? Many would probably say that Lil Yachty song. Some would say the Mall of America. But would anyone say music? It’s hardly as known as it should be but Minnesota has quite the musical history. It’s the home of recently deceased music icon Prince as well as the birthplace of the indie hip-hop label Rhymesayers. It’s also the home of a young collective of musicians that go by thestand4rd: Allan Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Spooky Black (now Corbin), and their elusive producer mastermind Psymun. Though largely less well known than the other three members, Psymun has had his hand in the success of all of thestand4rd’s members.

On “Weakling”, his first solo release of any kind in the last 2 years, Psymun switches it up with a power blend of bass, funk, house, and hip-hop with a sprinkle of soul that’s a sample platter of different styles and feelings. It’s kind of a “here’s what I’ve been playing with” track that is perfect for any A.D.D. riddled music listener as well as a brief glimpse into what Psymun might be working on next. For now, enjoy “Weakling” and give thestand4rd’s Self-Titled album a spin for oldtimes sake.

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