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Mishka 2008 Fall/Winter “Skyway Trippers” Collection

Those crazy guys of Mishka are at it again. Known for their off the wall artistic ideas that inspires the designs for their pieces. So this time they have came up with the theme “Skyway Trippers”. With this collection they are trying to tap into intergalactic themes and progressive apparel design. Staying true to their love for outerwear Mishka has a few dope coats and jackets, one of those being the Spetsnaz Maryak Tech Jacket. This joint is a fisherman jacket with strong protection against the elements and over 25 pockets. They also have the Skyway Leather Bomber which offers that contemporary fit with theme badges. Look out for this dope collection in the store soon.

“It Was Written”


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  1. This, to me, is the most stand out I’ve seen from Mishka. I thinks I might need to be coppin’ some. Good shit.

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