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Jugrnaut Cipher

Jugrnaut Cipher after Asher Roth Listening Partly– Dave Coresh, Mic Terror, and more..

For those that were at the Asher Roth listening party and stayed after wards, you were there to witness the crowd that gathered in front of the store after wards to get in on the cypher that went down. The homie Dave Coresh snapped off several times, along with the homies Mic Terror and Chuck L.I.   Check out my cameo after laughing at one of Dave’s “questionable” lines haha….Shout out to Dave “Slap a guy naked” Coresh haha (just kidding).  Big ups to Darryl “weatherman Turnow for filming it. Click on Keep Reading to view the video.  You can also peep it on the illroots blog.


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  1. KiDSupreme

    damn yall snapped real talk

  2. Jesus

    LOL at slap a dude naked

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