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Introducing Better Off Dead By False Now at Jugrnaut!!!

The heavyweights at FALSE present us with another shoo-in edition from their Better Off Dead line entitled “Jacob The Murderer”. Extremely strong, bold controversial graphics further narrating Le Messie’s vision of decay and entropy within today’s generation. Humorous yet deathly violent and morbid. Like all things in true FALSE nature the line is individually hand-screened and hand-finished by the duo themselves.
We are the Only Retailer in Chicago to carry Better Off Dead, this is a must come see for the heads. If you know False or Falacy of Rome you know the quality, same thing as Better Off Dead Extremely dope brand.  Come out and check us out!  Here we see a video that the homey Corn of Fly Kyte Media did for us to show what we have at the store, essentially a video look book.  Its extremely dope check it out and come get yuo some Better Off Dead!  More pics of Better Off Dead after the JUMP!

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Derrick Rose in Jugrnaut OG Shield Sportsman Cap




  1. Solo

    Dope beat. Fresh gear.

  2. HAHAHA tough guys.

  3. the chuckster

    smile AJ lol

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