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DXC Las Vegas

Here’s a recap of DXC vegas.

So I was in Las Vegas for about 4 days. Within that time of debauchery,mischief, gambling, laughing ,eating being sick and drinking in public I found my way over to DXC.I took a cab to Freemont which is the old Las Vegas strip its the ones you see in the movies like “Vegas Vacation”.I can honestly say I was extremely lucky to coincidentally at the same time  DXC was going down. So me and my uncles hopped on a cab and made out way over. At first there was a sign to go around back at first it struck me odd but little to behold I was there to witness the Vegas sneaker scene.The ambiance was filled with music and chatter over sneakers and prices dealers who went with intetion to sell or trade and like myself hoping to sctrach a name on my holy grail list, here’s some pics from the event.

The space jams took my eye but weren’t in my size.


The local heads at the first table.

Vegas was on point

about half of the space for the event

Beauty Bar was where the event was taken place

Mr. and the homeboy andres

These were going  for $120 it was a steal but again wrong size.

Female Vegas sneaker heads holding  it down

I was eying the concord’s the whole time.

-The Homeboy Andres

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  1. Jesus

    Damn Vegas heads didn’t get mad with you for posing with their sneakers? ahahhaah

  2. illexpreshun

    Hahaha I was there for the even too, reppin Chicago. Chicago jams ate that shit.

  3. j shepard

    damn the female sneaker heads r fine as hell… but i should kno dat considering i write in vegas and live in chicago

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