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Confession: I have grown tired of 95% of the “New School”

…. don’t try to put me on anything, don’t tell me anybody is “fucking cold” and don’t “swear by” any rappers of this generation …. I probably won’t like whatever it is you’re attempting to put me on …. I have gone back and forth about DOM KENNEDY and CURT@IN$ and have not heard anything that get’s me geeked about their music …. until now. Came across this song while I was on Twitter and this is a certified banger ! From the flows to production to even the video …. good job dudes, you’re helping my faith in rappers float back up from “non-exsistant to “low” …. Put your friends on this shiz right hurr !

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  1. Anwar da God

    two of the best Mc’s in the game

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