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Big Sean took to soundcloud today with an unofficial release of a new playlist with four heaters on it. The first track titled “Paradise”, is the intro track MikeWillMadeIt’s new mixtape entitled Ransom. The heavy hitting drums and bass are quintessential elements of his production style… (Read the rest of review after the jump)

Big Sean on the other hand tears the beat apart with some quality bars. The second song included is titled “I Don’t Fuck With You” Featuring E-40 and produced by DJ Mustard, Kanye West, and DJ Dahi. The beat is a classic Mustard sound with fat synths that are nicely mixed to give them a layered feeling, while Kanye adds classic touches such as the vocal samples that are always his identifying mark. The third track called “Jit/Juke” has fast paced flow that Big Sean glides over. Produced by Nate Fox, Da Internz, and L&F, the light keys help give the beat a tropical feel. Lastly, track four is titled “4th Quarter” and is made by one of my favorite producers, Key Wane. While starting slow, this has a great background sample that quickly changes pace with the heavy bass and drums. This is a classic Big Sean flow that is enjoyable and easy on the ear. Definitely worth checking out as a pleasant surprise to help get your weekend started on the right foot.

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