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So the other day I was talking with Brian about Hip Hop/Rap and how it seems that there is always a  crew/label that has a run for a couple of years, and then something happens where it losses it’s strong hold; and then  a new one emerges as the one everyone wants to be a part of.

So in my opinion, the mid 90’s were held down by Bad Boy. You know Biggie, Junior Mafia (Little Kim), Mase, the Lox….


Then there was Death Row they battled it out with Bad Boy during their era, you know: Pac, Dre, Snoop…


welcome to death row

For a brief period it was Ruff Ryders..DMX, Eve…..


Then Early 2000’s it was Rockafella Records…Jay Z, Kanye, Beanie Seagel, Freeway, Memphis Bleek …….


Now I’m not saying that any of these labels I mentioned are dead, but it just seems that the amount of hits they are putting out has definitely slowed down from when it was their hay day, and that they are no longer running it.  So in my opinion , I believe that the new leaders in the will be Young Money. They will be the new monsters and the label that every rapper will want to be on……

Shit as much as I was not a fan of Little Wayne, dude is on right now.  Drake, Nikki, man they doing it.


So in closing, I believe Young Money is winning right now!!!

What do you guys think, did I miss anything?

Live Fast, Die Young..Carp Diem!!!

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  1. You can’t forget that Young Money’s big brother Cash Money did their shit for a Minute and So did No Limit… Couldn’t go anywhere for a few years there without hearing some artist out of one those cliques

  2. Manny Muscles

    Your right I did forget to put them in. Thanks

  3. brklyn2Chi

    Im not the biggest Wayne fan in the world and I def hate Nikki Minaj, but Young Money is out here making moves.

    However I do gotta point out that G.O.O.D. Music has some stars killing every album they make (Kanye,Common) and have a bunch of up and coming, if not already established artists and producers that are kinda tough (Cudi, Big Sean, GLC, John Legend (R&B) Mr Hudson/No I.D. (producers).

    Im just saying then havent done too bad in the last 5 years and the do some serious Hip-Hop/Rap music.

  4. Yeah No Limit Was Definitely On, From P all tha way down to Ed the Assassin..

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