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One post per person so make it count! Please use your real email, we will take submissions until 11am tomorrow and will contact the winner via email.

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  1. I want these tickets so i can come from Michigan and see ShowYouSuck. Ive listened to all his shit and have been dying to see him in concert. mad props to your store tho i make the voyage out often to pick up sick ass apparel

  2. I’ve had Catfresh Billy in rotation since Slick Rick E. Bobby, then Trunk Muzik and haven’t stopped, been trying to go to a Yelawolf show since Dirty Nellie’s but things didn’t work out in my favor. Need these tickets Jug. I DON’T GOT THE JUICE WITHOUT EM.

  3. K1dj0k3r

    7 words… Show is so Awesome… Show You Suck

  4. Harry White Thr Future

    ShowYouSuck, Auggie The 9th, and Yelawolf at the same damn time. This would be a great stress reliever from midterms.

  5. Vedant

    how many indian kids do you really think are gonna be there tho. time to diversify

  6. Julian CHVRCH JRfromchicago

    Wuts good! Tell showyousuck l the young chvrch will grant a free pizza!

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