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I found this on our facebook feed….not sure how that person got it but it looks official.  You can see that there are more than 10 names on there…who are they going to cut?  Hopefully not the Chicago emcees, go Rockie, Neak, and Marvo!

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  1. Other than the Chicago cats, only guys that deserve it is Jon Connor, Dom, and Chip. My opinion. Law’s, Emilio Rojas, and ASAP rocky need to be considered to!

  2. Anonymous

    They fogetting Cassie Veggies, ASAP Rocky, Add-2, and Da$h

  3. haha

    Cosign w Mpulse minus Asap Rocky. Laws and Emilio Rojas would rip dude apart bar for bar. All of these other cats should be cut. If Kreyshawn is on the final cut you know its a bullshit list.

  4. Kendrick Lamar. Show You Suck. Auggie the 9th.

  5. MrBEasy

    Gerald Walker is also from Chicago…

  6. Fox

    XXL has lost all credibility for including Kreayshawn on that list. This list and all other lists are now null and void.

  7. mr. rogers Author

    lol….so many opinions…i agree with alot of you!

  8. Chris

    agreed w/ fox. kreayshawn? gtfo.

    action bronson DEF needs to be on there, as well as asap, and kendrick lamar. new action bronson goes so hard.

  9. Smh

    Kendrick was on it last year. Where have ya been?? Smh…

  10. I’m not much of a fan of ASAP, but if this list is based off buzz it would be unfair to not include him.

  11. Boss MINO

    King Louie King Louie King Louie

  12. bruno mars shoulda been on this list

  13. Sleeze

    Midest is represented well on this …. i listen Rockie, Gerald Walker, SNYD and Marvo daily. Stalley and XV is dope 2

  14. ATm


  15. ion give a fuck about kreayshawn let her be her, whatev. Stalley pretty much it for me.

  16. Mscotty

    Dont think its real. XXL loves Nitty Scott and shes not there, no French Montana, No Machine Gun Kelly, no action Bronson, no Schoolboy Q or artists with alot of buzz. But I like some of those artists XV is fresh. Add some Brandun Deshay, Add-2, Boy Illinois and I’m happy

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