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Where Are You Feezy???

JUG feezy copy

So I was stumbling around Kanye’s blog and I came across this audacity of fakeness. My man over here looking like Lebron James/Victor Ramdin rocking his fake Yeezy’s. I shake my head in shame of this poor kid.

My step by step guide and more comments from the blog after the jump

-The Homeboy Andres

1. the swoosh is white and not black
2. the sole says Jordan instead of nike
3. there is no perforated  leather on the real ones
4. and the same print that is on the strap should be on the heel too, not elephant print

More here

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  1. jayaruh

    hahahaha this kid FAILS!! he looks so proud of em too! haha

  2. the homeboy andres

    if you scroll down to the comments he defends them and says if kanye says they are fake then I will accept it. dude says he paid 350

  3. Jesus

    Worst is that he is from Chicago lewl

  4. jayaruh

    Fugayze Crazy

  5. J-Twin

    He SOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG FOR THOSE!!!! the swoosh white, where r the little y’s tht stand 4 yeezy nd the bottom dosent have the glow n the dark bottoms…so shameful

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