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Victoria x Kailasa x Chandler x Jugrnaut

Here is anothter photoshoot we did with different models. This time up its Victoria, Kailasa, and Chandler of course with the styling of Cornelious and dope ass photography by Roper. Thanks you ladies and fellas and remember everything they are wearing you can buy at Jugrnaut. Peep more shots after the jump.

Photography: Roper
Stylist: Corn

DSC_0015 (5)

DSC_0007 (6)

DSC_0054 (4)

DSC_0075 (4)

DSC_0026 (5)

DSC_0037 (4)

DSC_0022 (6)

DSC_0095 (4)

DSC_0093 (4)

DSC_0061 (6)

DSC_0072 (5)

DSC_0035 (7)

DSC_0111 (3)

DSC_0113 (3)

DSC_0122 (4)

DSC_0139 (4)

DSC_0149 (2)

DSC_0016 (5)

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  1. the chuckster

    lol… haters everywhere. Gotta love people who hide behind the computer and don’t put their name up at all.

    Many props to both the Jug and the beautiful ladies posing. DO NOT let fools like the dude above my post knock your hustle!!

  2. Roper gets doper every shoot. Keep that dude around!

  3. vaughn

    a joe, tell the chick with the locks to get at me! lol

  4. mr. rogers Author

    aww hecky gyea, vaughn cyber pimping….lol

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