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Well here we go again, Vic is making us all wish we had as much fun has him. He said it on the Innanetape, and he continues to push his agenda. Fun, fun, fun. Sometimes fun means dropping liquid hallucinogens into your ear and allowing everything else to unfold in front of your eyes. Feel That is yet another example of Vic’s creative abilities. The visuals are once again mind blowing and make you hit repeat until you are spitting alongside him…..(Read the rest of review after the jump)

He’s got women showing off some serious booty while sticking SAVEMONEY bumper stickers on them, he’s got the cherry red drop top, dope cameo’s, his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, rocking wearing baseball pants, and he has a bounce house with more booty to go with it.

Feel That isn’t the deep cut, that you listen to when you are looking to connect with Vic Mensa, odds are most people will never be able to stick bumper stickers on a womans ass without catching a slap. What this song is is a track that gives you faith in the idea of having a good time. With all the nonsense in the world, and all the chaos in Chicago alone, the landscape can be a recipe for dark, brooding, and depressing art, but with Vic Mensa’s song Feel That, we get a spark to the system that has us Feeling That.

Some may say it lacks substance, but honestly, sometimes we need something that is going to encourage us to shake off the stress of school, parents, bosses, life in general, and let us just have fun. Forget about the boredom we may face in our dead end jobs and just smile. The smile Vic gives when he has the masseuse straddled over him giving him a “massage”, is priceless and indicative of what people need from Vic. Seeing a young artist shape and grow into a confident and talented emcee should give some hope to the rest out there, that you can still have fun while you are trying to build your empire. From his work as frontman for the band Kids These Days, to the INNANETAPE last year, and now to his last two visual releases Down On My Luck and this most recent, Feel That, we are seeing an emcee step into new territory and beyond for hip hop.

He has been one of the many artists that are giving an alternative to the Drill Scene.Maybe not consciously, but the end result remains the same. Sometimes things need to be a little light hearted. Afterall, you can’t have one side of the hip hop coin without having the other. Vic proved his diversity and song writing ability on INNANETAPE without pidgeon holing himself into a box. And Feel That shows us that he is continuing to move outside the realms of the norm and keeping us all on our toes.


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