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Let us know why you want these tickets in the comments section below. we will choose our favorite answer and give the winner a pair of tickets to the Trinidad James show at reggies feb 23rd!!! Please use real email winners will be notified via email provided. Please one comment per person.


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  1. Trevon Hicks

    I would die for tickets to Trinidad James concert,not only do I appreciate his music but his unique choice of clothing.He has one of the craziest kick game he’sup

  2. Trevon Hicks

    he has one of the craziest kick game in the rap business,I’ll put him up there with Wale when it comes to the kick game* (sorry I accidentally clicked send on the first post)

  3. Myles Davis

    I need these tickets cuz my side bitch left me for my main chick haha naw but really I been telling people to get on him since the tape dropped, tryna get in there and turn up

  4. Toan Huynh

    All I have to say is I would love to go to this show. His music and his swagg is wayyy differentn wayyy better then others rapper. If I can win this ticket, I would be really appreciate it and thank you

  5. mike c.

    I want these tickets because I’m a fan of his music, the whole mixtape is DOPE! Trinidad Jame$ has a crazy shoe game, he be on Instagram straight flexin!Thanks to JUGRNAUT for the chance to win!!!!

  6. jessa

    I’m just trying to twerk.

  7. Tommy P

    I need to find out where he got his grill.

  8. Patrick

    Because I’m in tune with my inner self and deserve it

  9. AL

    I want to cover the event for a school project for multimedia class!

  10. james sulaka

    Me. Because every1 else is Sensitive. As. Fuck. Everyday!

  11. dj

    cause theyre free, my nigga..

  12. Sergio olivares

    Cause this for those cool ninjas,on jugrnauts blog straight flexin!!! Pop off the tickets,I’m winnin,pop off the tickets,I’m winning.

  13. Adam Goff

    Big Fan of his since he came on the scene. Love you guys @ Jugrnaut along with the Reggies venue. I would love a chance at winning these tickets since I have never won tickets to anything ever and am a huge HIP HOP/Fashion fan…GOLD ALL IN MY WATCH~~~Dont believe me jus WATCH!!! Thank YOU!!!

  14. I need these tickets so I can take my side bitch out and upgrade her to my main bitch, cuz my main hoe aint feelin me no mo.

  15. Cody M

    I’m not gonna leave some cringeworthy pun with song lyrics in it or leave some sort of fanboy message about Trinidad Jame$ being the best rapper ever. I will say though that I’d love to see Trinidad because I consider myself a fan and I want to know if his live show is as good as people have said it is. Wonder how much he can bring to the table with just a half hour long mixtape under his belt and a couple of features

  16. Cause fuck you thats why. Tickets welcomed.

  17. jay

    finna turn up!! going to see some twerkin

  18. k1dj0k3r

    hmmm… its taking every bit of self control I have to not just post about popping molly, side bitches, gold, jordans, loud, ratchet hoes, or vacations in vegas with my team. What I will say is that I’ve kept Don’t be S.A.F.E. in rotation since early December and I’ve put many people on to his music. Unfortunately I missed his show @ Adrianna’s on Christmas Eve for a family event, & I’d love to be in the building this time around. I’m planning on going regardless, but free tickets would allow me to bring my homies who either can’t afford it or doubt the show. Im sure Jame$ will make fans of them. POP A MOLLY IM SWEATING, WOO!….. damn i couldnt help it.

  19. Matt

    I need these tickets in celebration of me quitting molly, the side effects of that shit is no joke…

  20. Mino

    I would like to see him live because for the past month or so he has been on spin damn near none stop along with the new asap. Didn’t start listening cause the hype but because the tracks are crazy

  21. It’s just different. I vibe with his TurnUp. Plus gives me a chance to rock a custom Trinidad Tank

  22. Ben

    TRINIDAD JAMES HAS NOT ONLY INSPIRED ME BY HIS MUSIC, BUT ALSO BY THE WAY HE LIVE HIS LIFE. His “IDGAF” about what people think about him attitude has showed me that it is people in this world that are going to hate you for no reason, that is why you just have to live life the way you want to. He expresses his unqiue qualities in his style as well. That is another reason why I look up to him. People always judge people off the way they dress, but when you listen to his music it tells you to “just be you”. Jurgnaut is a store that helps people express thier style just like Trinidad James does. These tickets would mean alot to me not only because i like his music but i look up tio him as a person and he has help me change the way i look at the world.

  23. Uriel

    I respect a guy who can hustle and stay on his grind. It’d be Hela dope to see him in Chicago especially go to a concert right after school.

  24. I need these tickets because I’m just not about to sit here and type up some simp shit. Plus I wanna give that nigga a hoodie.

  25. Well my mama always told me “boy count yo blessings” so I would count the fuck outta that

  26. Winston Torres

    I want to go to this concert because I support his movement. Especially from being an independent artist doing everything on his own and building his market slowly. It’s awesome plus I have never been to a real concert unless it was from a radio station.

  27. Blue

    Shit either way I’m gon go I just rather go for free so I don’t have to hear it from my bm for spending money again

  28. I am a fan of his since his hot single all gold everything and I downloaded his CD on Muve Music via Android phone. I think he will be the next big thing in hip hop and I would like to see him live in concert.

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