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This SAT, Jugrnaut T's Available!

Well we here at Jugrnaut have been busy trying to get some designs popping for our store brand. And we are happy to announce that this Saturday 7-19-08 we will have available for purchase our first two mens T’s. The “Hella Haters” T and “Jugrnaut, Bitch”. Check out the designs and come and get one before they are gone, we only did a limited number.

Also, be on the look out for our womens designs. Next up, a couple womens t’s coming real soon. enjoy the images and PLEASE leave a comment and let us know what you think? Easy

Hella Haters

Jugrnaut, Bitch!

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  1. J

    Good luck on the sell!

  2. Matt

    yo, you need to make sure i get these in my smediums, actually make that each color of the hella haters and that tiffany kim k shit.

  3. jugrnautchicago

    hehe, word up lil dude. it shall be done.

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