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Introducing Hank Mccoyh a customer of ours that has been shopping with us for some time now.  Great dude and a really good writer apperantly he’s done some cool stuff for Chicago Blog and Fakeshore Drive. He recently did a small blurb on Underdog from our Underdog Champs drop. Click after the jump to read what he wrote.  Underdog Champs Collection is available HERE


Since anyone alive can remember, this great city of ours has been known the world over
as the Second City. But now, we are seeing a return to what is true. Chicago has bred people
so strong that their mere walk contains more realness than most find travelling the world over.
Some say it’s the crime and economic strife. Others say it’s the harsh weather. However, with
polar vortex’s, the closing of public schools, the blackhawks losing, and the NO FIREARM
stickers all over the city, you’d be hard up to put the reason on one issue, but inspite of all that,
the city still seems to rise. It still seems to make waves and invoke change despite the violence.

So in true Chicago fashion, Jugrnaut flipped an old release from back in the crates and
have decided that the time has come for the hero….Underdog Champ is here once more.

He reflects what we are as a people. He’s the hero that still has that soul. He’s fearless,
unrelenting, and rocks a mean shield on his paw. Underdog prefers juke, smokes crazy buds,
drinks Pabst, and slapped Aaron Rodgers once. He’s the essence of this city. All the ups and
downs, the crazy summer nights, even the murder rate. Underdog is a symbol of the GO. The
people stand for what’s strong and won’t waiver for some thirsty ass outsiders. COP IT.


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