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The Kind You Bring Home to Mom- Christine Marie


I can recall hearing an EP titled “Neon City” about a few months back when I took the job as  the blogger for the shop. I was very impressed with the artist named Christine Marie I received her music in an e-mail and was told to critique it.
The way she hit those notes on “Dream catcher” made me reminisce of a young Maya as I kept repeating the track several times over and over again.
I remember walking into the shop and seeing a young asian woman about 5‘2 was near the back talking with Manny ,he introduced her as Christine Marie I was very surprised because such a big voice came from such a petite girl. I had the opportunity to sit back and get to know this up and coming artist who might not be as sweet as I thought. As we talk about her future projects and a side I probably wouldn’t have known about her.

Christine Marie- CM
The Homeboy Andres -THA

THA- Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
CM- My name is Christine Marie and I’m the dopest person in the world. Just kidding, I’m a singer from Chicago.

THA- How did you get into music?
CM- I’ve been doing music my whole life being in a musical family. My brother’s are DJ’s and my mom was a singer and performer.

THA- Who would you say is your musical inspiration?
CM- My family first and foremost. Without them I wouldn’t have the musical influence that I have, such as growing around hip-hop or disco due to my mom. In the music industry as a writer I’d have to say The Dream and Ne-yo are killing the game.

THA- Can you describe your style?
CM- My style is interesting, I’m still in my development mode as an artist. When I put out ‘Neon City” I wanted to bring back a 90’s sound as far as an R&B / House type of feel. My new shit is kind of an Electro / Dance and Pop feel which I think are my stronger points as an artist.

THA- Why did you name your EP “Neon City“?
CM- It was actually my good friend Celestino who was supposes to feature on a song with me as we were writing one day. ‘Neon City’ seemed to fit well with all the tracks.


THA- I remember when I wrote your review for “Neon City”
CM-I read it.
THA- Thank you. I didn’t meet you at the time and when I heard it I thought of you as an
early Mya.
CM- An early Mya? Hmmm. Really!
THA- Yea you sounded like Mya back in the day.
CM- I’m flattered .I actually loved Mya back in the 90’s.That’s kind of what I wanted to bring back. I wanted to bring back that smooth feel good music with R&B in the 90’s.
Saying I’m Mya I guess. (laughs)

THA- How do you feel about being an intern at Jugrnaut?
CM- A lot of people don’t know that I’m the intern. So let it be known! I’m about to graduate with a Fashion Merchandising degree so I’m grateful for the opportunity. I love the shop. The Jugrnaut fellas are like the coolest dudes to work with. They’re like big brothers to me and are very humble about their craft. I love working here and just being around cool people all day.

THA- Can you tell us your favorite Jugrnaut moment?
CM- It would have to be my listening party for “Neon City”. People that have known me forever were telling me I lit up that day. I was so appreciative for everybody that came through. I was just so happy that I accomplished a project and everyone that I care about was there to share it with me.

THA- Yea I remember getting your songs for the review and I just kept hearing it on shuffle while I was on the train.
CM- Aww thanks (laughs)
It still surprises me. I’ll hit next and be like ‘Oh word, that’s me!’

THA- Any weird facts that we can know about?
CM-I’m just me in a nutshell. I think I dress like a boy all the time. I’ll pick sneakers over heels anyday. (laughs) I love chicken teriyaki, Harold’s, and bubble tea.

THA-Bubble tea is the shit!
Both- (Laugh)


THA-Can you tell us about any future projects?
CM- Not that I’m trying to gas myself up, Okay I am! (laughs) I have a new single called, “40 In A Paperbag” that I’m dropping early summer. Its a dope sound and brand new! I’m excited about it and I want everyone to be as well.

THA-Could you compare it to songs on “Neon City“?
CM-Nah, not at all. It’s completely different .“Neon City” was my introduction to me as an artist. It took blood, sweat, and tears out of me. But I think it put me on the right path to finding myself as an artist. That was definitely the nicer side to Christine Marie.

THA-So there a mean side to Christine Marie? (Laughs)
CM-Not a mean side! But a….
THA-A gritty side?
CM-Yea! A gritty side you know.. Because I curse and I’m pretty straight forward. I have a potty mouth and now I’m actually laying myself out in my new songs.
THA-Sounds like my kind of woman

THA-Do you think showing different sides of you will effect your fan base?
CM-Not necessarily, at least I hope not. I’ll give little girls the clean versions of my new songs (laughs). It’s definitely not another “DreamCatcher”. I think will appreciate your music even more it’s actually you. So it’s not a whole different side of me per say. It’s just me in advance.


Christine Marie can be found at.

photography by Dave Andrews
-The Homeboy Andres

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