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The Audacity of Hype

What else is there more to be said about the most hyped sneaker of the year or ever? If you have been living underneath a rock for the past six months I’m talking about the Nike AirYeezy’s .Coast to coast this shoe has caused mass hysteria and hype of epic proportions . Though as much as everyone wants a pair that just isn’t going to happen.

(Before anything these are my thoughts and no representation with Jugrnaut.So if there are any concerns please feel free to contact me )

From New York , Los Angles  and everywhere else in between camp outs have started, some since last Sunday. This shoe release has changed habits of the current norm with shop owners and client’s . (no disrespect to any shops) The idea of auctions , raffles have gone from giving people a fair chance to just bizarre. Stores such as Burn Rubber in Detroit had this image on their blog where one can win the first spot in line.

So pretty much if you have been waiting for three days your spot is lost and decreases your chances of obtaining your size. Its a chance to get 1st in line and  probably pay more than retail for the shoe as well. Places such as Nike town have given bracelets in order to keep the peace and minimize lines. Other places such as St. Alfred have done a midnight release at the last release. My hat goes off to those who bared the rain and I shake my head at ones who waited more than three days and sole purpose is to resell I shake my head at thee(If selling sneakers is your hustle hey that you). Getting sneakers is like preparing for war in my opinion you have your allies, enemy’s, territory and of course strategy that in which you will remain victorious. Come Sunday either a select few will bask in joy due to planning and the remainder will kick rocks and probably blow up the forums and blogs to the fullest.

So ask yourself if you come home empty handed ask yourself ” Was I well equipped for war.”?

I can honestly say this morning I wasn’t.

good luck to those who did

In the east coast places like Cmonwealth in DC and VA have thought of giving tickets with a store item purchase.

Darkside in LA

Niketown New York

7 am Thursday April 30th

(This is about after 30 people decided to leave)

Nike town SF

-The Homeboy Andres

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