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I don’t even remember the last time I bought music. What the hell… people love $free.99 , myslef included. But this is arguably the best Kanye Album, so says the internets. During My lunch break, I took my ass to Tarzhay, to go cop My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, yesterday when it dropped. I remember when Graduation came out I bought two of those albums, just so 50 would retire, I don’t know If I hated 50 more or loved Graduation that much, at the time. Anyways I ripped open the packaging popped that muthfucka in the whip and started driving, banging Dark Fantasy, feeling all Wu-Tangish and whatnot. The rest is History. Support any kind of GOOD MUSIC.

… and if you were living under a rock, for the past two months, you should know that the flick above shoulda looked like this:

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