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These cats are dope, the sample wins and they ride the beat really nicely.  Good job fellas, I heard a Jugrnaut reference but couldn’t fully make it out, either way nice track and your officially the first to make the blog as a submission. Info on the artists after the jump.

Basic Info:
Name – R.J. and Technique
Age – 23 and 24
Location – Chicago, IL
Inspiration – Love, music from past generations, the joy of creating, other artists including local and major, and everyday life are all examples of what inspires us.
Goals – To make the best music as possible out of love and respect for Hip-Hop and to simply get our music heard.

Album Description: With the release of yet another LP, “Crash Sanaa,” they supply a unique offering to Chicago’s underground hip hop scene over tracks completely produced by Stevo. What started out as an EP initially, quickly grew into a full length album with the idea of painting a collage of different scenarios and concepts that a variety of people can easily relate to. Besides a guest spot by Chicago’s own Savant, they both lyrically handle the bulk of the project. With a mood that is sometimes dark, sometimes vibrant, and other times thought provoking, it is hard not to get captivated in the world that is vividly created by the two emcees.

Windy’s (Feat. Savant): or

Album Download Link:


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