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I checked our today and this was in the inbox, I clicked play and it was dope…good job lil dude.  I like getting good music, chicago talent is getting better. Keep em coming poeple. Also send your art, photographs, anything super dope. But please send to

Dally Auston- Window Seat by jugrnautblog

19 yrs old

Chicago, West
been rappin for a bout year now, from poetry to the studio….i found my love as a recording performing artist and now trying to spread the word, bout myself and my dreams…..looking to be heard and understood… My music is a story and it will be told

Some Mixtape shii i whipped up & was tryin to see if i could get some blog play! It’s Most def, something to hear, so if u feelin it see wat the blog says! Thanks alot hope u listen!

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  1. gotham

    good shiii on this one! who is this?

  2. vincent smith

    thats shit go hard bro… keep doin yo thang..

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