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WE are giving away 2 free tickets for the Slaughterhouse show April 1st at the Metro. Tell us why you want the tickets in the comment section and best answer wins! REady, Set, GO!!!!!

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  1. Tony Massetti

    It’d be awesome to see such an all-star lineup of real lyricists for a change. Plus my birthday is on 3/26 so it’d be a great wrapup to my 29th

  2. Tre

    I believe I deserve the tickets because I’m 18 years old and only been to ONE concert in my entire life.I have missed out on so many great concerts,i would gratefully appreciate it if I could win these tickets it would mean everything to me see my fav rappers Joe Budden and Royce perform live.

  3. D2G

    I want those tickets to see SLAUGHTERHOUSE! It’s simple, SLAUGHTERHOUSE IS IN CHICAGO!!!! JOELL ORTIZ , CROOKED I, ROYCE DA 5’9 AND JOE BUDDEN!! FOUR MAN KILLIN’ SPREE!!!! Man, I been hyped about these 4 since they 1ST linked!! HAVE THE ALBUM ON REPEAT!! SALUTE ME, LYRICAL MURDERERS, CUCKOO!!!!! Dude, solowise, I been following their work! Since Joell 1st popped up on the NBA2K joint w/ “I MEAN BUSINESS”. BAD MEETS EVIL WITH ROYCE!! Enough said! CROOKED I BEEN AN UNDERGROUND BEAST since before the whole Death Row thing. And JOE BUDDEN?!?! POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE EMCEE!! I model my storytelling and lyricism after dude. So to see those four, in MY HOME TOWN?!? THAT WOULD JUST BE THE DOPEST THING EVER!! If there’s one concert I’d like to see this year, since I’ve been missing a lot of concerts, I CAN’T MISS THIS ONE! JUGRNAUT WHAT UP!!!!

  4. Tyler M. & Haley G.

    Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Win the Slaughterhouse Tickets
    5. We’re College Kids. (So, all our money when to building our supply Ramen noodles.)
    4. Tyler says, she’s been on Joell Ortiz FOREVER, since The Brick (Queens Whaddup!!)
    3. What better spend our last day of SPRING BREAK than with Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9, Crooked I, & Joell Ortiz
    2. Both of us are from 2 ENTIRELY different worlds (Caribbean & Native American), but we both share one love: HIP-HOP
    1. We promise to remember Jugrnaut once we’re high-powered & famous!!!!

    So come on Jugrnaut, what do you say???

  5. Man…Slaughterhouse is the epitome of ill hip hop in today’s world! As an emcee from Chicago, the opportunity to see Slaughterhouse LIVE in my hometown would be unbelievable. You know I would show up to the concert rocking some fresh Jugrnaut threads too. I’ll get the homies from Slaughterhouse to rock some Jugrnaut too haha. I hope ya’ll can bless the kid with a ticket!

  6. Raul

    I’m trying to go to see Slaughterhouse but money is a major issue. I’m former military who just got out the air force and looking to meet the best group since the 4 horsemen. If I win I’m taking The Chicago rapper Vakill with me so hopefully a collabo will happen just in time before the album gets printed off. I will definitely take pics and videos of me and vakill linking up with them slaughter boys.


  8. LanceTheGreat

    Because I bought two snapbacks from your store for me and my little bro.! And I’m heavy on lyricist, especially Joell Ortiz !! Royce da 59 dropped the joint album with shady. Since then i been big on him. Ever since I seen their BET cypher I been following them as a group. So please Jugrnaut give me those tickets :))

  9. raul

    who wound up winning the contest.?

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