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*dead At the title… Sharkula a.k.a. Thig a.k.a Brian Wharton a.k.a. Thigamahjigee has a documentary coming out about him. He’s been at it for a while now y’all! He’s definitely a Chicago Legend. #Edutainment. Peep his Jugrnaut 16 in case u missed it. word of the doc. at the jump off.

Source: Fakeshoredrive

Sharkula: Diarrhea of a Madman is an in-depth comprehensive look at the gritty, surreal art and Hip-Hop music of local Chicago MC/street hustler Sharkula and the community that buzzes around him. The film explores the many facets of his unusual work: his role as manager and marketing machine; dealing with other rappers in the city who try to bring him down; the struggles that he faces on a daily basis in dealing with the public; and his loathing of the Internet. The film investigates Sharkula’s complex perspective of himself: is he an outsider artist or a rising star…or both?

The DVD hits stores this weekend, so be sure to go out and cop it. It’s definitely something you want to check out. The DVD will be available at The MCA, Reckless Records, Odd Obsession, Quimbys and more.

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