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Let us know why you want these free RZA tickets in the comments section of this post! Our favorite answer will be chosen, that person will win 2 tickets to the RZA show at Double Door! Please  use ur real email, winner will be notified via email provided. Contest ends August 11 at 11am. Good Luck!

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  1. Walter Logan

    I want these rza tickets cause im a fan and besides that i aint never won shit!


    I want the tickets but cant aford them because i spend all my money on cocaine.

  3. Randy

    Mayne If I got these I would Take All the pictures and praise Jugrnaut like they were all Kings, I will wear my Ghostface hat, and my Wu lyrics shirt with my Wu Air Nikes! I will hold it down for the Shaolin Clan!!!

  4. Alex

    RZA and the Wu are the reason I started listening to hip hop.

  5. Daniel

    all will trudge on saturday’s night to the two doors. through the entrance, we enter a hall of dark mist. we stand in waiting as we see the RZA’s figure slowly ascend from below the stage like a phantom. eyes glowing with hands raised, he transforms us to acolytes. as the supreme hymns begin from behind, he relays the rhymes through muttered tongue as we soon begin to repeat every word in unison.

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