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Remember Eminem, peep this ol school freestyle.

This is off of BET rap city with Tigger, em goes last…wow he was dope….what happend, was it g unit? I use to be such a big em fan, then he got a bit to gangster for me, also his style changed which is cool cuase artists have to grow, but maan he was sick before…enjoy.



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  1. I don’t care what anyone says….the slim shady lp is dope as fuck. and so is that infinite shit. i think they’re better now listening to ’em than ever. all that old shit is! years ahead of himself em was…

  2. i concurr fine sir, infinite was hot it was half of the slim shady lp…but i was searching em and all the joints that popped up were wack, i couldnt even find the joint “when u see me on ur block with two glocks screaming fuck the world like 2 pac….i just dont give a fuck!” big up em, that lil dude is dope or was very dope still is but im very curious as to what his new new material is going to sound like.

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