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Hey look, it’s Christine Marie! She’s alive!!! It’s been a minute since we’ve seen her and she stopped in to say “WhUSSSUUUUUUUUP” , she’s doing well, to everyone that’s been asking about here, she’s just on a “Life Mission”, y’know.

That’s Sofa Man, Scooter Stuntin’. Come Thru and say “Whuddup!” , to the kid. Good times over here at @Jugrnaut. Follow us on Twitter, por favor. and yo we still even have a myspace. Friend US!

The new Frank 151 mag, is here!!! GET YOURS FREE w/ any purchase.

So, I was going thru my Canon and iPhone, there’s a ton a flicks I haven’t posted or anything. SOOOOO Welcome to the Random Post. The flicks after the jump were taken in these past few months. ENJOY!

Duck Down’s Rustee Juxxx rocking the Mic Terror Collab Tee.

The SOX are KILLING SHIT, Right Now!!!

’96 POLO SPORT YACHTING HOODIE, that’s me. Follow me por vavor @mrBEasy

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  1. MrPart2

    Christine Marie is uber cute! 😡

    Ah! How can I get me one of those Frank151 magazines (if I can’t make my way over there)?

  2. jugrnaut

    @mrpart2 you can purchase something online

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