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As I was taking the flicks of the Mishka Amerikana Fitted off my BB, I found a slew of random BB flicks.
Yeah they’re pretty craptacular and what not, take them as you will. It’s all in good fun and randomness.
Word to camera phones.
This is my daughter Leilani, she wanted to show me she knew how to B-Girl. She’s got down on the footwork.

Old Swatch watch, i’ve had prolly since like 1990.

Took this flick before I retired em, but broke em out a lil recently. hey we in a recession.

‘Lo Mansion visit. Jugrnaut’s Interior Design was inspired by this here and Bruce Wayne’s Study room,
where he had that red phone and statue where he pushed the button to enter the Bat Cave from the
old Batman show. POW!

Gully can now be delivered to you via semi-truck.

Great Scott! I have a Delorean in my hands. This was the homie’s Kenny Keys.

Electric Sex!

Christmas Train via the blue line. . .i was driving, don’t try this at home.

Stress Free Zone After Math

This is an Original Buzz Lightyear from like 1990 something. #nerdshit

The Helicopter before me pumped this into it’s tank, before i got there.

“You see I’m tryin to get the punani , but you just wanna rock me, ah-eh-eh, ah-eh-eh”

only like the best hot sauce EVER!!

the aftermath of a nite out at wicky wicker, whuddup UNDERDOGS.

These guys walked down dearborn in front of the store. Legalize Marijuana! but learn how to spell first.


thanks for looking if you made all the way down here. i will post a part 2 later.



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  1. the homeboy andres

    where was roger in the march? y’all shoulda had a big banner

  2. Anonymous

    LOL at the a Christmas story lamp. +10

  3. That Hot Dog Looked Disgustin..


    the mispelled sign says straight edge, which is someone who doesnt smoke pot….seems to me like the tables have turned and i agree with stu said hot dog does not look dope to me….lol

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