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Ralphie Polo Sport SNOW BEACH aka "The Raekwon"

‘Lo getters, look what I found on the Bay! Brand New With Tags, that’s prolly the rarity in this listing, and the jacket looks crisp! If you got that Black Card or a Super Dope Job, have no kids or family, are single, won the lottery! YOU! yes you can own this “Brand New with TAGS!” “Raekwon”. It’ll just run you a mere $4,500.00 US DOLARES! peep listing .

This is why they call it the “Raekwon”.

cop it before that celebrity lo-head does before YOU do.


you can cop this joint form the SNOW BEACH family, which we have at the store size M. CALL 312.435.4635 and make an offer


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  1. jugrnautchicago


  2. Mike B.

    Damn this is Good

  3. Tito

    I purchased the same raekwon jacket in fall 93 from A&S, in roosevelt field, N.Y. for 400 dollars u.s….
    It is an extremely warm jacket, and very durable. You could go into 5 feet of snow with it…
    Now a days Madd people be stairing at the jacket…….quite a lot of people ask me to sell it….I aint sellin it, unless for like 10K U.S. LOL…..but I aint pressed to sell it! It’s def. a rarity…

  4. chiman

    they dont go for that. one just sold for 1200$

  5. chiman

    they dont go for that much anymore. one just sold for $1200

  6. batty guy

    Can I go to the mons beach

  7. LO STARTED IN BROOKLYN POINT BLANK !!! no questions asked!

  8. william day

    do u have that blue snow beach jacket in stock in a large and r u willing to sell it thank you

  9. deeni

    i have this same snowbeach sz xl for sale 1000 bucks

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