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Despite shitty weather, and the second coming of the Polar Vortex, Chicago creative/dj @Mattboywhite got hella folks to come thru for the release event of his capsule collection with us. Manny Muscles and DJ Iggy provided the soundtrack for the evening. The collection came out super ILL and there are only a few pieces left online and in-store. Thanks for the support as always, and love to Red Bull and Pabst Blue Ribbon for the cans of cheer.
photos: @mrBEasy

Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_02 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_03 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_04 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_05 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_06 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_07 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_08 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_09 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_10 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_11 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_12 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_13 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_14 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_15 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_16 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_17 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_18 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_19 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_20 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_21 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_22 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_23 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_24 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_25 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_26 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_27 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_28 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_29 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_30 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_31 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_32 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_33 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_34 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_35 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_36 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_37 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_38 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_39 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_40 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_41 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_42 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_43 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_44 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_45 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_46 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_47 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_48 Jugrnaut_MBW_Event_49

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