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I was going through my computer and cleaning up the hard drive when I came across a couple of the Pacific’s Video’s, family from back in the day. I actually found this one on you tube. The other 2 I didn’t find on you tube, but I will upload at a later time.

Peep, how they rep the Chi and pretty much make a dope video for back in the 90’s. Oh and check out at the end of the video Mr. Rhagers and Beasy for their cameo, hahah, at Wicked Wicker, Sub Teassy. (You see little dudes at 4 minute mark, lol)..Whaddup The General!!

I must say I will try to post something new on a weekly basis, and I have lots of pics and recent vids on my iphone that I will post later on, all stuff from the shop. (Inspired by mrBeasy, lol)

But Peep the video, this joint was super dope to me. The only problem I had was that I had it on vinyl for djing but not on mp3, gotta get it.
Norm, Rex, Mars I need this joint if you have it..Please

Young Bucks, peep the lyricism…..

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  1. KP

    Ha…man, I haven’t seen that video in a minute. I got you on the mp3, fam. jus’ lemme know where to send it to.

  2. KP what up Famo!! yeah dope joint, if you can send it to Good looking out. If you want I can post link if u want ppl to download if if they like…

  3. kautzer

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