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Yo so back in the day Hip-Hop and Sprite were a very merry couple. Chances are if you
were a “Head”, and you were thirsty you were drinking a Sprite. The “urban” marketing that
Sprite/Coca-Cola had in the 90s was super on-point and the “Culture”, surely wasn’t as
bastertized as it is now. To get cats like, Common, Krs-One, Nas, Grand Puba, even down
to Kris Kross had every B-Boy/Backpacker rocking a Nautica Parka, Polo Sport Tee, Timbs and
Ski Goggles thristin’ for the Sprite. Or at least it got me big time. Mr. Rogers and myself even wrote
our own commercial. The Voltron snd 5 Deadly Venomz campaign were Art Directed by
Chicago’s own ReggieKnow of Dem Dare Fame. Get Familiar. So here a Few of the
Heater Commercials, at the Jump Off.
Word to Jansport and Eastpack Gear Battles.

couldn’t find the original commercial so here’s an audio file. If anyone can find this shit hit me up PLEASE.

The infamous VOLTRON Campaign.

A Tribe Called Quest was also featured in Prints Ads, These were all that I can find or are the most memorable. Enjoy.

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