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So last week Manny Muscles, Lee (from IMKing) my homie Allie Sider and I loaded into a 2 door Honda and made the 19 hour journey to one of my favorite places …. Austin, TX. This was my third year at SXSW, and the most awesome by far …. I’m horrible at remembering to take pictures of cool shit and shows but I did grab some flicks during downtime in TX …. Check these out and lookout for show footage/pictures I’ll be posting as I get them …. All pictures via my iPhone

More pics after the jump

Cracker Barrel = The only roadtrip food that matters

Working on tunes in the back of the car

First night we went and watched my homie ShowYouSuck murder the Crowd Noize showcase

Serrano’s on Red River

More ShowYouSuck but with extra Flossatradamus on the side!

More tacos but with extra awesome on the side (best taco truck I had by far)

Turns out I’m fucking awesome at throwing big ass knives into wood stumps

Don’t remember a whole lot from Wednesday night, but people tell me it was tight

Ended up DJing for my homie Johnny Nelson from NYC at this spot Geisha Room ….

…. Then ran over to Peckerheads and hosted before performing with Hollywood Holt

The Cool Kids


Our homie Lee from IMKing done celebrated a birthday

Johnny Nelson and Spank Rock murdering 1100 Warehouse before me and Hollywood took the stage at the Biz3 showcase

R.I.P. my 45 Jordan


I spent $37 on messy BBQ at Rudy’s …. Best. Money. Ever. Spent.

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